On Saturday, 12 December 2015 at 05:46:15 UTC, Walter Bright wrote:
On 12/11/2015 8:28 PM, Joakim wrote:
and a bluetooth keyboard

Just to nit pick, using an external keyboard makes it more of a laptop than a tablet.

A nitpick for a nitpick is fair game. :)

However, there are distinct differences with this setup. For one, the tablet and keyboard combined weigh just under 1.5 lbs, which is much lighter than almost any laptop. And you'd have to compare it to one of the new detachable laptops, as you can't just pick up most laptop screens and read them in one hand, as I can with this tablet.

Of course, it's all about trade-offs: I find myself surprisingly comfortable with this small 8.4" diagonal screen, others may not be. The bluetooth keyboard repeatedly loses a couple keystrokes when starting typing after a minute's break, which appears to be a known Android problem. Chrome on Android will annoyingly not save your zoom level for various websites, as the desktop version does, which is particularly needed for this high-resolution display, meaning I repeatedly have to Ctrl-+ or pinch-zoom on sites over and over again to get the right text zoom back. I do have split-screen multi-window for many apps, as it's a flagship Samsung tablet.

Desktop Android's certainly not there yet for everybody, but it is for my admittedly low demands, and soon will be for everybody, as google has said they're working on built-in multi-window for the next version of Android.

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