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On 12/11/2015 10:13 PM, Joakim wrote:
Desktop Android's certainly not there yet for everybody, but it is for my admittedly low demands, and soon will be for everybody, as google has said they're working on built-in multi-window for the next version of Android.

One aspect (for me, anyway) is in order to program, I need a big screen, because I have several windows open at once. I've gotten so used to it it is very hard for me to program with a small display. And to think that when I started, 24*80 displays were the norm for a good decade! But then I'd print out a paper listing as a supplement, and spread that out over a big table.

At a desk, it's easy to connect a large monitor to the tablet for people like you, though you'll need some sort of terminal or IDE app that splits the resulting space into much smaller windows, essentially an in-app windowing system of sorts.

On the tablet itself, the Termux app supports opening multiple full-screen terminals with Ctrl-Shift-C, and then paging between them with Ctrl-Shift-1/2/3 and so on. Unless you're actively reading data from multiple terminals and need to see them all simultaneously, that should suffice. It does for me: I keep three open, which is partially why I haven't bothered buying and connecting a large monitor.

This type of setup is probably the future for most people, replacing a desktop/laptop with the smartphone/tablet they already have. I've found that the hardware is more than capable, the software support is just not there yet, but all the major vendors- Google, Microsoft, Apple- are working on providing desktop functionality from their mobile devices. I'm simply trying it out early because I wanted to see what it's like, and have been pleasantly surprised at how well it has worked for me.

I also cannot type from a cramped airline seat. I have never successfully done any work on an airplane. But reading a book on a tablet works just ducky.

Yeah, I was just sharing my experience programming with a tablet, not talking about doing it while flying. I hate traveling, can't imagine getting anything done on a plane, other than just waiting for it to be over. But maybe frequent flyers get used to it and get stuff done.

And I have a laptop, a small tablet, and a large tablet.

Same here, never used the large 10" one much because I always felt it was heavy at 1.3 lbs, but I use the smaller and half-as-heavy 8.4" one a lot. The large one would make an even better display to prop up and use for programming, but it's older and the battery seems to be going. I get almost 9-10 hours out of the small, year-old tablet while programming, which is amazing and _much_ better than the 3-4 hours I was getting from the three year-old ultrabook, likely because the CPU is much more efficient and the tablet's OLED display turns off most of the pixels when programming in a black fullscreen terminal.

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