On 12/12/2015 01:13 AM, Joakim wrote:

Desktop Android's certainly not there yet for everybody, but it is for
my admittedly low demands, and soon will be for everybody, as google has
said they're working on built-in multi-window for the next version of

Personally, I would need far more than just multi-window support for Android to be a worthwhile desktop OS for me. A lot of the issues (though not nearly all) relate to software ecosystem.

For example, I can't even find a halfway decent alternative to windows notepad, let alone any better text editor. Basic undo/redo support is rare in Android software, as is saving/loading actual files and sharing user files between different programs on the same machine, which is something desktops had pretty much sorted out decades ago.

The whole backup/restore situation is a mess (there's an article that explains my issues with it better than I can, but my link to it is buried somewhere ATM), PalmOS already had backup/restore sorted out much better over a decade ago. Heck, even same with iOS if you can tolerate iTunes and, well, Apple/iOS.

That's just a few off-the-top-of-my-head examples. There's many others, like the bluetooth keyboard lag/unresponsiveness that you've already mentioned, and I can confirm from experience.

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