On 16/12/15 10:47 PM, Jakob Jenkov wrote:
Hi D Community,

I am currently working on a cloud project where we intend to reinvent a
lot of the old, less-than-optimal technologies. Among the technologies
we are working on is a new general purpose network protocol called IAP.

IAP comes with a general purpose binary data format called ION (IAP
Object Notation). ION is similar to MessagePack and CBOR, but with a few
additions. ION has a table mode which can be used to model tables (like
CSV files) efficiently, and which can also be used in larger object
graphs. Our early serialized length + performance benchmarks look
promising (tables can be down to 1/5 of JSON, and up to 2 x the speed of
parsing CBOR).

ION can be used both inside IAP, but also separately with HTTP and in
data and log files.

We already have a working toolkit in Java (we have Java backgrounds),
but since we really find D interesting, we would like to make a D
toolkit too.

Since we are rather new to D, would anyone be interested in helping us a
bit out making such a library? We can probably do the coding ourselves,
but might need some tips about how to pack it nicely into a D library
which can be used with Dub etc.

If you hop onto IRC #d Freenode, there maybe somebody from time to time that can give you a hand. Or at worst help solve some of your problems.

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