On Sunday, 20 December 2015 at 13:53:33 UTC, default0 wrote:
This is quick progress! Awesome! I finally have some free time on my hands, so I deleted my workspace and tried to set things up following the How to hack on DlangIDE steps again. After doing that and trying to compile on Debug/Win32 I get output with a linker error:
Any help in somehow getting this all to build would be much appreciated. Oh and of course "dub run" works just fine.

For me, Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition + recent Visual D works ok. Try to create some helloworld project using VisualD and build it. Does it work?

Clone dlangui and dlangide into the same directory (!!!)
Inside dlangui directory create directory /deps and clone dependencies into it (as described in readme).
Open dlangui/dlangui-msvc.sln
In workspace, select dlangide as a startup project.
Build dlangide.

As well you can try to build other projects (e.g. dmledit, tetris, example1) - does it work?

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