On Thursday, 31 December 2015 at 16:43:53 UTC, rcorre wrote:
"Damage Control" is a game inspired by one of my old favorite SNES games, Rampart (ok, technically an arcade game, but I had it on SNES).

The project is on Github: https://github.com/rcorre/damage_control

Its very incomplete, but if you don't mind spending a few minutes trying it out I'd really appreciate it. You can grab a binary from the Github releases page or try to build it yourself. The content building is a bit involved, but if you just want to build the source you can copy the content folder from a release package.

It is made with Allegro using the DAllegro bindings. The linux build is statically linked to Allegro so you shouldn't to install it, but the rest of the dependencies are shared. Let me know if any are problematic.

The Windows build just comes packaged with a few dlls, including allegro-monolith.

Any feedback is appreciated -- either drop a comment here or file an issue on Github.

It will write save data and settings to "~/.config/damage_control" or "%APPDATA%\local\damage_control". You can change this using the --savedir flag.

There's no included tutorial as I'm hoping the gameplay will be pretty self-evident (let me know if it isn't!).

Nice to see someone use D + Allegro for a game. Did that too but have made only few Speedhack-level pieces from scratch so far.

The windows binary works for me, at least for the few minutes I had to try it.

The game flow is not obvious in multiple respects:
1. Shoot: why only six bullets?
2. Rebuild: huh, what's the plan?
3. If the base is not completely enclosed by walls after rebuild, the game ends, giving a ?!?!? impression. Took me a few attempts to guess the requirement to proceed.

Crashed it :) with S-S-J-J-J-Esc pressed at start (controls -> keyboard -> make an action with an unassigned key and press Esc).

Thanks for sharing!

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