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I think it is a good hijack!


Somebody should do a blog post about this (and how to get it to work step by step - it's easy when you know how, but the set of people that don't and would like to but will get stuck is quite large).

For watchOS, soon there will be a binary release of cross compiler with phobos and will have instructions like I have for the iOS release.

What is holding me up is I still am trying to decide how to manage multiple releases (iOS, tvOS, and watchOS) since the libraries are all different but the compiler is the same. It doesn't fit the mold but I'd like to have a single bin with multiple libs.

Yes can imagine it gets messy quickly yet is a lot of work to integrate.

I might have a commercial use for this in coming months (both on Android and watchOS). Since it's an internal application the rough edges are of less concern to me than if one expects 100,000+ users.

Laeeth, note that app store approval may be a ways off since they want to use their own LLVM to compile bitcode and I have patches not in official LLVM. If you only need to side load watchOS, then you will soon be good to go.

Appreciate the colour. Side loading fine for now, and actual use is realistically some way off as I have a lot of other things to do as well. I am in a funny business where the fewer the users I have the better (for x>=1) so my concerns are different from someone making a consumer app.

Wrappers for everything would help a lot (and then some tutorials) - I guess the Apple stuff is under way.

The D Objective-C interface is not in LDC yet and I think what is in dmd so far only supports a subset (instance method calls I think). There are other ways, depending on what you need to do, but right know it seems best to do all the UI stuff in Swift or Objective-C and use D for everything else.

Yes - I haven't looked at Apple at all as I have too many computers already as it is and don't have a Mac. I wonder if it is possible to implement something like what I understand Corona have done for C# in D: make a common layer for what can be shared so work involved in customisation for each platform is minimised.

I guess we are at a point now that the heavy lifting is done where some small success stories can inspire others to have a try and the ecosystem can grow.

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