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However as I'm programming less and less in D lately /@sunre/d-programming-language-e87f94iky


May I ask why / what language you are now using? I just recently became a big fan of D, and just watched your 2014 talk. Is the network messaging framework still in use / maintenance? Just getting to your github now.

Hi, I guess you got me confused :) While I did wish I'd at least attend a Dconf, I've never given a talk on D.

Most of my work is related to machine learning where there's no getting around C/C++ for CUDA and BLAS stuff. Also efficiency trumps pretty much everything in this field. However I am still very fond of D, it's the language that introduced me to generic programming.

Hi Florin.

What do you make of Ilya's proposal on BLAS? What would you need to be able to use D there ? Or is it tricky as you are working with other libraries on top of that ?

There are people here with private CUDA libraries that may be open sourced in time. (I understand that in the meantime one needs to get stuff done).


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