Manu via Digitalmars-d-announce <> writes:
> Love your work guys! Thanks for keeping at it.
> One question though, what's the plan for moving to DMD latest? Both
> LDC and GDC seem to be quite behind at the moment.
> My current project is depending on bug-fixes patched in by Walter in
> the last few days, so I'm stuck with DMD for the moment.

Process of merging 2.069 with D frontend into LDC has been started by

I imagine LDC will always be a 1 or 2 releases behind DMD with current
number of contributers.  I notice much work goes into supporting other
targets, platforms besides what DMD supports.  With more help, it could
be kept up to a release behind.  David and Kai make LDC an easy, fun
project to contribute to.

For your specific patch, sometimes LDC will cherry-pick important

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