Am 24.01.2016 um 14:14 schrieb Robert M. Münch:
On 2016-01-24 12:49:25 +0000, Snke Ludwig said:

I didn't build libevent for win64 so far and I'd rather not want to
invest that time. Instead, I'd recommend to just use the "win32"
configuration of vibe-d(:core) on that platform.

Just to be sure I get it. On Win32 I could use "libevent" or "win32
native", right? So, the libevent is not mandatory for Windows at all?


 Probably the "libevent" configuration should just be disabled on

If it's not necessary I highly vote for this. Keep things simple and
streamlined as much as possible. The less dependencies the better.

Okay, I'll do that for the upcoming release! I know of nobody who has compiled libevent for Win64 themselves, so it doesn't make much sense to offer the configuration.

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