This release brings some larger changes:

 - The library has been split up into sub packages: code, utils, data,
   http, mail, diet, mongodb, redis and web. This is an intermediate
   step to moving the individual packages out to separate repositories
   with independent version numbers.

 - A lot of work went into performance tuning. Single-core performance
   of the HTTP server is improved by about +50% and multi-core
   performance scales properly again after excessive lock contention
   sneaked in in one of the previous releases. The number of worker
   threads is now also properly determined on all systems (including
   multi-CPU), which should fix the numbers for multi-threaded
   benchmarks (an update to the TechEmpower benchmark suite is on the

 - The REST interface generator now supports modelling collections with
   native D syntax using Collection!T. It also adds support for CORS.

 - The std.concurrency integration has been fixed and re-enabled - you
   can now use std.concurrency without worrying about blocking the
   event loop. In case of problems (std.concurrency doesn't support
   passing certain kinds of values), the old implementation can still
   be accessed as sendCompat/receiveCompat/...

 - Compiles on 2.066.0 up to 2.070.0. Note that this will be the last
   release that supports the 2.066.x frontend. The next release will
   require at least 2.067.0 or maybe even 2.068.0 (still TBD). This may
   unfortunately rule out GDC for the time being.

 - Full list of changes:

DUB package:

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