Did some benchmarks between `std.net.curl.get` and `vibe.http.client.requestHTTP`. Only GET requests.

100 requests, ~1.4mb file:

    curl total: 131304, average: 1 sec and 313 ms
    vibe total:  21975, average: 219 ms

52 different files:

    curl total: 24851, average: 477 ms
    vibe total: 11290, average: 217 ms

50 different files (excluded 2 of the biggest ones):

    curl total: 20892, average: 417 ms
    vibe total: 11368, average: 227 ms

(Looks like `std.net.curl.get` doesn't like if file is bigger than ~1mb.)

Is vibe.d's API really that fast? Or am I doing something wrong?

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