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I just started using unit-threaded and I like it so far, specially the parallel runner. Just had some speed-bumps that might be worth noting.

Before going into details I want to mention that I am not using it the way it is supposed to be used, which voids me from warranty I suppose.

From what I gather the normal way would be to create separate test-files with test-cases and unittest blocks inside them, completely separate from normal code.

Two things that made me go in the opposite direction was dub and code coverage.

So I don't have separate test files; I have the unittest blocks interspersed with code. Because I don't want to include unit_threaded in production code I ended up doing this:

version (unittest)
  include unit_threaded;
  @Name("Test test")

Which is redundant, but I need the import outside the unittest for the UDA, and I don't want the import to show up in production code.

Then to get `dub test` to run unit_threaded I had to create a small program that discovers all modules and generates a testrunner.d file in the source directory, which gets picked up by dub. So now instead of `dub test` I call `rdmd test.d`, which generates the testrunner.d and calls dub test.

I feel I am going against the grain here.

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