Once upon a time, in a repository long deleted, there was a project called "clayers" which was a programmers summer project, in which to create an easy way to make games that relied on the console. The repo start of nicely, but after more and more developing the project started to get messier and messier, while still being unfinished and containing many bugs. The author (me) decided that he would start a new project, which he named "scone" https://github.com/vladdeSV/scone


Scone (Simple CONsole Engine) is a small library to make it easier for developers to make CLI applications efficiently (intentionally/originally for console games), cross-platform. (Please note that it is not fully cross-platform yet, currently only working properly on Windows).

* Efficient writing to the console/terminal
* Keyboard input (currently only Windows)

For anyone on a Windows machine, you can test a few examples that gives the basic idea of what scone can do here: https://github.com/vladdeSV/scone/tree/master/examples

However, I have one big problem which I cannot overcome, namely keyboard input on POSIX. I would very much ask for help in this area. Judging from Adam's terminal.d, input on POSIX seems to be this huge beast which I cannot slay myself. Feedback and/or help very much appreciated!


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