chipmunkd [1] provides D bindings for the most recent version (7.0.1) of
Chipmunk2D [2], a 2D physics library.

Note that there is also DChip [3], which provides a full source port and is currently targeting the 6.X branch. I figured bindings would be easier to keep up to date with upstream releases than a full source port, though DChip has the advantage of not requiring another dependency (and of having nicer-to-look at
source code?).

The ported demos seem to be working, but they depend on the rather outdated glfw2. If you have glew and glfw2, you should be able to run the demos with dub.
Some of them look pretty cool.

The demo directory contains some hacked-together glfw2/glew bindings that were
just enough to get it working.

I also just realized Jakob Orvum already had some bindings [4], though they are a few years out of date. In retrospect, I probably should have based my work on that. I really should research these things more thouroughly before I dive in. Oops.

The bindings were created with the help of dstep [5] (and a fair bit of manual


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