On Saturday, 19 March 2016 at 13:23:48 UTC, kinke wrote:
Hey all,

I'm proud to announce that MSVC is fully supported now for LDC trunk. Rainer Schuetze has implemented MSVC-compatible exception handling (available since brand-new LLVM 3.8) for LDC, so that we have fully working exception chaining now on Win64. Along the way, he also added 32-bit MSVC support and a TLS alignment bugfix for Windows < 8.1 (a Windows bug/wontfix!). It requires a bleeding edge LLVM though, as Rainer's work has uncovered a few LLVM bugs which didn't make it into 3.8 final. So a round of applause for Rainer and the LLVM devs, excellent job, thank you very much! Full PDB support for LLVM is also underway...

Truly great news. Thank you Rainer, if you're reading this. (I don't think you ever take a break, do you? :])

Awesome progress, LDC team. Your challenging work is much appreciated.

(P.S.: On a related front, any news on the Android on ARM work? Last I read, my understanding was that the problem you were running into was a lack of proper LLVM TLS support for the platform? Is my recollection correct?)

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