The Fourth Annual Conference of the D Programming Language: DConf 2016

May 4 to May 6, 2016

Berlin, Germany

We have received many excellent submissions for DConf 2016, which made the selection process difficult. After long deliberations, the organizing committee is happy to announce we have a strong program featuring a mix of tutorials, advanced informational talks, experience reports, panels, and interviews that we hope would be of broad interest not within the D milieu, but also for prospective users and the broader software engineering community. Refer to for the full conference schedule.

The conference track contains 18 speakers, including the D language creator Walter Bright, language architect Andrei Alexandrescu, and D's build and release czar Martin Nowak. Leandro Lucarella will deliver a keynote covering the use of D at Sociomantic, a high-powered display advertising company built entirely on the D language. A combination of well-known and up-and-coming speakers completes the mix, check for details.

We encourage participation to DConf 2016 of all interested. Past edition attendees know that in addition to the excellent "official" technical content, the value multiplier of the conference is direct access to, and interaction with, colleagues, speakers, and luminaries of the industry. Attendance has doubled in size this edition, so gear up for three days of mind-blowing information, inspiration, and excitement.

Hope to see you there! Registration will be open through April 22, 2016 but please hurry up as we might start pushing against venue limits soon.


Walter Bright, The D Language Foundation
Ali Çehreli, The D Language Foundation, Riverbed
Andrei Alexandrescu, The D Language Foundation
Mihails Strasuns, Sociomantic

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