My simpledisplay.d and terminal.d, nearly zero dependency modules to help with making windows and using terminals, respectively, just had their modules renamed.

I haven't had a breaking change in these for many years (I add things regularly, but in a compatible way), which is why I'm announcing it here.

Easy fix though: change your imports from `terminal` to `arsd.terminal` and `simpledisplay` to `arsd.simpledisplay`. Recompile. You should be done!

The new DMD has import changes anyway so I think now is the time. I've been wanting to change this for a long time because naked module names - one without a package portion - I think are a bad idea, they tend to bring troubles later, but I did it this way early on.

The roadmaps for these include:

- Now that is better, I'll start using it and switch all the API calls to Unicode and remove my ad hoc bindings. - at the bottom of the file, there's a text portion. I'll expand this eventually so rich text is easy to do.
- more OpenGL 3+ support
- A better event loop.

- The ScrollbackBuffer at the bottom is the terminal end of the simpledisplay rich text output. You can use it to partition the terminal into windows into rich text line sequences. - The KeyEvent will become main, with the old key events being deprecated. - A better event loop that can combine with simpledisplay somehow without an external module.

And of course, other stuff that comes up as I need it. Terminal recently also got full-color support and more getline editing too. These little modules do a lot!

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