Announcing 'gelfd' - A small, native D library to generate logs in the Graylog Extended Log Format (GELF).

GELF ( is an "open standard" logging format based on JSON. It is primarily used to pipe messages to Graylog (, an open source log management and analysis platform.

This module aims to provide a simple, structured, way of generating GELF messages. You can construct messages in multiple parts, add arbitrary payload data, query their contents and send it using any transport mechanism you prefer.

Chunking and compression of messages is supported.

The package is documented w examples and is considered stable (although not tested by anyone outside of myself). Although I've only announced this now, I have been using this in production at our startup since Nov 2015.

Release : v1.2.3 (Stable)
Github  :
Dub Pkg :
Graylog :


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