I am very new to the D community and just recently finished a project in D, which I want to make available in Debian (reason for choosing D was mostly its speed and similarity to C++ and C, making a very shallow learning curve for someone knowing these languages. And porting Python code to D was incredibly easy. I'll likely blog about my experience with D).

As part of that work, the dub package an build management system is now available in Debian, and I will ensure it works well. Additionally, it was possible to make dub available late in the Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) development cycle, so dub will also be part of the upcoming LTS release of Ubuntu (kudos here go to Matthias Klose for pointing me at the "new" --push-state linker directive to work around dub not linking properly against libcurl when the latter is compiled with --as-needed).

Co-maintainers[1] and feedback from the dub developers is very welcome, and I hope this addition is useful for you.

On the roadmap are adding debhelper sequences to simplify packaging dub-based D code in Debian based distros, auto-test support in Debian's CI, and of course the usual bugfixing.



[1]: Especially from the d-apt people - helping with official Debian packages is possible even if you're no Debian Developer / Maintainer.

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