Just to inform you that we successfully use D and vibe.d for two things:

1. an NVDA[1] screen reader plugin:


It is still version 0.6 beta but it is already being used by visually impaired people.

2. a web version of the text-to-speech synthesizer that is now used on the website of the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht in Ireland:

http://www.ahg.gov.ie/ga/ [2]

The web service is based on vibe.d and will be extended for more use cases (for example on the fly synthesis in the "cloud"). It is also still beta. The system works quite fast (the delay is due to a timeout in the JS, i.e. it doesn't send the request immediately - which will be optional in future versions).

[1] http://www.nvaccess.org/
[2] It's the green bubble that says "abair.ie" at the bottom of the page, once you click on it you'll see some controls, press on the bubble that says "a" to activate it. It will read out whatever is under the cursor (after a short delay which is in the JS).

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