I am pleased to announce that the D Foundation has been awarded 4 slots for the 2016 Google Summer of Code.


Congratulations to

Lodovico Giaretta
A replacement of std.xml for the Phobos standard library

Sebastian Wilzbach      
Science for D - a non-uniform RNG

Jeremy DeHaan   
Precise Garbage Collector

Wojciech Szęszoł        
Improvements for dstep

on their successful proposals.

They faced very stiff competition, and unfortunately we had to turn down a number of very good proposals. Perhaps we should have been more greedy and asked for six or seven slots.

I hope the community will extend a warm welcome to these students, and we welcome all of your efforts in helping these students achieve success in the coming months.

Finally, thanks to all our mentors who put in hours of work in evaluating the proposals to this point.

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