On Friday, 22 April 2016 at 18:49:24 UTC, Laeeth Isharc wrote:
This is a very exciting development. (And impressive in the 'consequent' department, as the Germans say - you said you would have DlangUI ported to Android some weeks after the working compiler, and that's what you did!).

It took about one week to make DlangUI android backend once I managed to build NativeActivity example by Joakim's instructions.

I would say it will take a week or too to make iOS backend once we have working compiler for iOS (in my estimations it will have 1K-2K lines of D code and 1K-2K lines of obj-c code.

Unfortunately, I have no experience with objective C neither with iOS programming.

Android port was easy for me because DlangUI was a kind of port/reimplementation of my C++ cross platform GUI library I used for my CoolReader GL project (e-book reader).

Might be useful for me to port some D code for internal enterprise apps to Android that currently runs on linux (I recognise how experimental it is, but I'm okay with that since mobile is just nice to have, and not yet necessary).
Please let me know issue you face when using DlangUI for mobile development.

Will you be at dconf?
No, I'm not planning to participate.
D is just a hobby for me.

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