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Compiler used is DMD 2.070, 32-bit target. Video Enhancer supports 200+ plugins from VirtualDub and they happen to be 32-bit, so our app has to be 32-bit too. Speed of code generated by DMD is more than enough, even debug builds were fast enough. The default linker is used (not the MS one), and I was worried there might be some troubles with antivirus false positives (that happened before when using optlink) but no, everything went smooth and no problems with optlink arose whatsoever.

Note that starting with the newest LDC releases you can have Win32 builds.

The parameters to pass to the linker to avoid a VS runtime dependency are:

link.exe [...stuff...] libcmt.lib /nodefaultlib:msvcrt.lib /nodefaultlib:vcruntime.lib

Users report such builds working on XP, Vista and later of course.
The advantages are faster binaries (typically 2x faster) and importantly lack of backend regressions.

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