On Thursday, 21 April 2016 at 18:47:46 UTC, Relja Ljubobratovic wrote:
Nice point about the Fortran, and also about the C++. :)

I'd have to say I'm convinced - if there's a vote about such module joining Phobos, count me in! :)

But really, when you look at it - the ndslice has made it to the Phobos, now it's probably natural to have some more extensive use of it in the standard library. Linear algebra stuff could be build nicely on top of the ndslice, you agree?

Perhaps it's a bit late to add to the original conversation, but I believe:
would be the ideal place to host C bindings to OpenCV if that was actually the plan. I didn't realise, as somebody suggested, that they were planning to remove their own C bindings for OpenCV which is pretty sad.

And I would also like to see some more scientific libraries make it into D. Though I understand that including it in the standard library can cause issues, it would be nice to at least get some Linear Algebra libraries in experimental or over with the rest of the science libraries.

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