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> After a sleepless night of trying to build the latest ldc master branch 
> 2.070.2 on my Android tablet a couple nights ago, almost the full 
> druntime/phobos standard library test suite passes (only one assert in 
> std.conv) and the same for the dmd test suite, with a handful of failures 
> across three modules exclusively testing C/C++ ABI compatibility.
> The 2.070 frontend is written in D, ie ddmd, and also natively compiled on 
> the Android tablet by ldc 2.068 (alpha build available here, first download 
> link - https://github.com/joakim-noah/android/releases/tag/polish), hence D 
> (2.068) building D (2.070) building D (tests, apps, etc.). :) Of course ldc 
> 2.068 was itself built natively on Android, using the Termux Android app and 
> the dev tools that it comes with 
> (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.termux&hl=en). Using ldc 
> and Termux, it's possible to build an Android app from scratch _on_ your 
> Android device, by following these instructions:
> https://github.com/termux/termux-packages/issues/63#issuecomment-184115581
> It only took a single night of tweaking to build this because of all the 
> great work many contributors have put in over the past year.  First, there's 
> all the work that Walter, Daniel, and others have put into C++ integration, 
> as ldc is now a moderately large mixed D/C++ codebase (Dscanner counts 62.5k 
> klocs of D in the ddmd frontend, plus ldc's C++ layer and how many ever 
> umpteen lines are invoked in llvm's C++ codebase).
> Dan got the full ldc testsuite working on the Raspberry Pi a couple weeks ago 
> (https://github.com/ldc-developers/ldc/issues/1283), in the process fixing 
> several ARM codegen issues that were hitting Android/ARM also. Finally, 
> there's all the great work put into ldc recently by Johan, kinke, Dan, 
> Rainer, and of course David and Kai, to integrate the new D frontend with 
> llvm and get ldc working on new platforms.
> I'll look at getting JNI working next, along with finishing up a translated 
> C++/OpenGL ES 2.0 sample app 
> (https://github.com/googlesamples/android-ndk/tree/master/Teapot).  A 
> linux->Android cross-compiler will need the in-progress work to cross-compile 
> reals, have to look into that.  Once those issues are rounded up, I'll 
> release a ldc 1.0.0 beta for Android sometime this month.

Congratulations, to you and all those involved! Thanks so much for
your time. This is really important work.


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