Context: dplug is a library for creating native audio plugins as simply as possible. You can target Windows Vista+ and OS X 10.7+

Audio Unit format has been implemented as of dplug version 3.


  v3.x.y (09/05/2016):
- Audio Unit compatibility added, with both Cocoa and Carbon UI. What is still missing from AU: Audio Component API, sandboxing, v3. In other words it's on parity with IPlug but not JUCE.
    - The release tool is now much more friendly to use.
- Special keys in dub.json are now expected in a plugin.json file next to dub.json. In the future it will be the place of autority for information about a plugin, for now this has to be duplicated in buildPluginInfo() override. An empty plugin.json is OK, defaults are in place.
    - The Wiki became a place to visit.

See_also: for more information.
  • dplug v3.0.0, added Audio Unit... Guillaume Piolat via Digitalmars-d-announce

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