Just finished up the base for Diamond and its initiate state with Github and Dub, as well the first guide on using Diamond with vibe.d for websites.

Diamond is a MVC / Template framework originally made for a hobby project, but as I developed it further I saw some potential in it and have now decided to make it open-source.

It can be used to write websites/webservices on-top of vibe.d Allowing you to easily create and run websites/webservices without a lot of configurations to vibe.d since it's all done through simple configuration files in json, as well handled behind the scenes within the core framework of Diamond.

Diamond however is also a template framework for views (Originally designed for web-views only.) and thus can be used to render MVC websites using its own syntax, heavily inspired by the ASP.NET razor syntax; not entirely though.

It's currently in its first stable alpha version (0.2.2)

For more information please view below.

Dub repository:


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