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Two questions:
1) If it is using UCI protocol I guess there are other engines that you can compare amoeba with when it comes to performance and other aspects, did you ?

Yes, It is a strong program, but far from the top programs yet.
In the ccrl scale: http://www.computerchess.org.uk/ccrl/4040/
I guess its rating is close to 2700.
The move generator is pretty fast, though:
$ amoeba-linux-x64-sse4.2 perft -d 7
perft 7 : 3195901860 leaves in 17.920 s 178344094 leaves/s

In comparison, stockfish 7, one of the strongest chess program in C++:
$ stockfish-7
perft 7
Total time (ms) : 16669
Nodes searched  : 3195901860
Nodes/second    : 191727269

So my implementation of a different algorithm in D is only 7% slower at generating moves, which is negligible in the overall program.

2) It would be awesome if you could write down how it was to use D for that project as someone freshly coming from C. What were the reasons you chose D, what did you like, what did u hate ? That would help you being read on reddit by a hundred blood thursty devs (street cred and all) and us for knowing what we can improve and also get the PR :)

Good idea, I will try to write something clever and constructive within the next days.


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