On Sunday, 22 May 2016 at 19:36:39 UTC, Sönke Ludwig wrote:
In preparation to that, it also received a thorough optical overhaul. The newly designed logo (which has appeared in some other spots already) has been integrated on the package registry, and the site style has been adjusted to fit the general dlang.org design (thanks to Sebastian Wilzbach!).

Shouldn't the dub command-line interface documentation be part of the "Documentation" menu pop-down? Right now we have to go to:

Header -> Documentation -> Getting Started -> Scroll down past lots of text -> Command line interface

Also, a minor improvement might be to:

1) have examples in the dub command line interface. E.g. after the general usage fixed-width block, have something simple like a sequence of dub build, dub run, etc, for those that are just skimming the documentation and just want to get the general ideia. In the build section have a simple example followed by a more complex one which shows the more advanced use cases, and so on.

2) have more context of what some of the options are. People might read, say, the documentation of --build and see the option of ddox but have no idea what that is/means.

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