On Monday, 23 May 2016 at 07:28:20 UTC, Vlad Levenfeld wrote:

I've some heard people (including me) asking about matrix libraries for D, and while there is gl3n it only goes to 4x4 matrices and was written before all the multidimensional indexing stuff.

So I was using gl3n for awhile until I needed some 6x6s and threw together a syntax-sugary sort of wrapper over std.experimental.ndslice and cblas for matrix math.

You can slice submatrices, assign to them, and perform ops on them with other matrices or 2-dimensional array slices... though, for implementation-ish reasons, ops involving 2-d arrays are elementwise (you'll have to call the Matrix constructor to use matrix multiplication again).

It was built in kind of an ad-hoc way and I will be adding stuff to it as the need arises, so there's nothing there yet beyond the bare basics and you should expect bugs. All the matrices hold static arrays because I don't want to mess with reference problems right now. A matrix past a certain size will be more efficient to store as a dynamic array, of course. But, right now, I need this to make writing linear algebra code comfortable for myself rather than try to win at benchmarks.

Bugs/Pull/Feature requests welcome.

This is nice! I recently found myself having to make ad hoc lightweight matrix classes that wrap some blas functions. Making the dims template/compile-time params is an interesting choice, but I wonder if it is unduly limiting.

How does what you're doing compare to what's in https://github.com/DlangScience/scid/blob/master/source/scid/linalg.d ? While that project doesn't have a ton of manpower behind it, it does seem like it's actively maintained, and they have brought in a ton of the lapack/blas headers already. It would be nice, and I think do-able, to have a relatively complete and performant library for matrices/ndarrays, especially given the recent work on ndslice. (If there are plans or a roadmap for this sort of thing, I'd love to contribute, and it seems from this announcement that others are interested also.)

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