On Monday, 23 May 2016 at 20:56:54 UTC, Edwin van Leeuwen wrote:
There is also mir, which is working towards being a full replacement for blas:

It is still under development, but I think the goal is to become the ultimate matrix library :)

I am sorely tempted to use mir's MatrixView as the backend for the matrix slicing but don't know what else I might need from cblas, so maybe this will come later (especially when I figure out, or someone explains, what the proper resource/reference handling should be, especially in the case of small matrices backed by static arrays or something).

Now I am thinking that the best way to orthogonalize (sorry) my efforts with respect to mir and scid.linalg is to use them as backend drivers, maintain this wrapper for the crowd that isn't as familiar with blas/lapack, or wants to write slightly more concise top-level code, and forward the relevant bug reports and pull requests to mir and scid.

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