On Saturday, 28 May 2016 at 16:23:41 UTC, Nick Sabalausky wrote:
It'd be nice if there was a pre-defined set of dark highlighter attributes that could just be selected and then used out-of-the-box or as a starting point. In general, manually adjusting editor themes can get to be a pain, especially when the color settings are mixed in with the rest of the settings.

Acceptable as an issue for the bug tracker.


Few newbie questions:

- In other editors, I tend to rely very heavily on "Ctrl-Tab" to switch between opened files (in most-recently-used order - analogous to Alt-Tab in many desktop environments). Is there an entry for that in "Options"->"Shortcuts"->"Code editor" so I can set that up? I didn't spot one at a glance, but I could've easily overlooked it.

By default it's Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left|Right. You can open an enhancement request asking for it not to be hardcoded anymore.

- Regarding "tab vs space" indents, the boolean options eoSpacesToTabs, eoTabsToSpaces, and eoTabIndent seem key, but I'm a little unclear on exactly how they work, and the "options1"/"options2" in general don't appear to be documented (understandable, given how many there are, which is nice though, I like configurability. Adjusting software to fit people is much better than adjusting people to fit software, and "one-size-fits-all" only ever works for hats :) ).

eoTabsToSpaces: when tab is pressed insert <tabwidth> spaces instead of 0x9.
The others: I don't really know.

- Mostly wishful thinking but I don't suppose there are any plans for elastic tabstops, are there?

TIL. Never heard of this before. There's a column mode but it's only used on
the selection.

- Not an objection really (and I'm sure this has been asked before, so pardon that), but I'm curious why it's written in Pascal rather than D. Lack of good-enough GUI libs for D? Any plans to port to D down the road? It'd likely be easier to get contributors if it were in D, but I imagine you probably already figured that. Not trying to push for porting of course, I'm just curious.

Because I come from this language and it's really top comfy for me. When I started CE I was still a complete noobie in D (and had 0 C-ish background, even today D is the only C-style language I know). Also it has a very good code editor component. Today, two years after, I think it would be possible for me to write it with gtkD though some important components miss: asynchronous process and serialization system à la Pascal (I'm working on both in my user library).

- I am getting a little bit a weird behavior in a couple places (This is on Debian x64, KDE4, FWIW):

When I type 'm' in the editor (without Shift), I get a newline instead of an 'm'. The other letters appear to work fine.

Bug report please.

Also, in the options editor and the search/replace text box (maybe other places as well?), anything I type gets doubled. For example, if I try to type in a value of "20", I get "2200". "if" becomes "iiff". Backspace works fine, so I can easily erase the extra characters, but something seems to have gone weird there.

This is probably an imcompatibility with the SCIM (The Smart Common Input Method platform). See http://forum.lazarus.freepascal.org/index.php?topic=6231.0 for the resolution.

And the "Find" button doesn't appear to successfully find things even when they are there. "Find All" works though.

There's a problem when "allow Regex" is not checked.
And another one I've already encountered once, that I cannot reproduce and fix (if this is this one you talk about so far the only way to fix is the close the file and reopen it)

- It'd be nice if there was a way (if there isn't already?) to set up Ctrl-F (or something) to automatically jump to and select the text in the "Search" entry box.

Yes Ctrl+F is the default shortcut. It copies the current identifier to the "Find & replace" widget. Then F3 to get the first match.

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