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Hello Jacob.
It think DStep and CPP2D have very different objectives.
DStep target C and Objective-C headers, but CPP2D target C++ full source

No. Targeting C++ is not against the objectives of DStep. C and Objective-C just happens to be what DStep currently supports. It make sense to start with C since it's a subset of both Objective-C and C++. Also, when I started the C++ support in D didn't exist or was very limited.

Maybe do you think I could participate to DStep in order to extend it to
full C++ source handling?

Yes ;)

Yes I could. Like I could participate to VisualD/cpp2d or magicport2

Anything that is not using a real front end is a lost cause.

But the reason why I didn't is I want to test the feasibility of a C++
to D conversion using the clang parser.

I don't see a reason why it was necessary to create a completely new project for that.

Now, I think I passed the proof of concept step, and merge my work in an
other project is not out of the question.

Not sure how easy it would be to integrate in DStep. I'm guessing you're using the C++ API while DStep is written in D and is using the C API.

/Jacob Carlborg

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