On Wednesday, 8 June 2016 at 14:45:07 UTC, bachmeier wrote:
Is it possible to announce the new This Week In D from the blog when it comes out?

That sort of post doesn't really fit within the goals of the blog. I mean, TWID is put out every Sunday. That would mean I'd make a two or three line blurb of the nature, "There's a new TWID out" every Sunday. That's what the Announce forum is for, and even Adam doesn't announce the new TWID every week.

I do intend to contact Adam about a TWID-related post, though (I've already got some others lined up for some interesting content). That's much more valuable, IMO, and fits better with the goals of the blog. And, of course, any time I can fit it in to the context of a given post, I'll certainly remind people to check TWID out. Every post should have value on its own other than being a simple announcement with a link.

And now that you've brought this up, I've just realized there are no links to TWID in the dlang.org menus. I'll have to add one to the side bar of the blog.

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