It's been a while since i announced a TinyRedis release. So here goes.

TinyRedis is a fast and simple Redis( driver for D. It has no dependencies and makes working with Redis trivial.

This release brings TinyRedis up-to-date with dmd 2.071. Noteworthy improvements are :

- dub: An earlier version of TinyRedis put it up on In this version dub.json has been spruced up to provide feature parity with the Makefile. Now examples can also be compiled via dub. - dmd 2.071: Updated to dmd 2.071. Thanks to a patch by @John-Colvin - simpler imports: Imports have been clumped into one namespace. `import tinyredis;` - `tinyredis.collections`: This is the start of some work that has been lying around in master for a while. I've been meaning to write simple OOP wrappers for common data types on Redis, but never got round to completing more than one. This release includes a basic class to simplify working with SETs. - PubSub: This much requested feature has finally landed! All thanks to Ali Cehreli for building it out. PubSub is a Redis feature that works like a lightweight, centralised message queue. A new Subscriber class provides the complete range of functionality to work with message queues.

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