I am not sure how much you have heard about the D-Man, but in Japan there is an entire culture based on the D-Man! As I learned about this by accident (and even Walter didn't know about it), I thought I share this great movement with the DLang community!
Here are some awesome impressions from Twitter:

D-Man vs. Gopher


D-Man (3D printed with PolyFlex)


D-Man in "Action"


3D-animated D-Man


DLang comic strips

e.g. "Getting into Phobos": https://twitter.com/DlangGuy/status/639529181978697728

Where to go from here?

The D-Man has already found its way into some of our documentation pages:


and I argue that it helps to make those pages more unique, vivid and memorable! Imho we should start to embrace the D-Man as our official mascot (like the Gopher for Go) and many of the specification pages (and the new Dlang Tour pages) would profit from similar drawings. This is not intended to spark a huge discussion, as I am quite aware that some see the D-man as childish and a negative way to represent D, but for more "professional" use cases we have the awesome, new D icons from Sociomantic.

Get involved

It's proposed to use #DLangMan in the future, s.t. English readers can also enjoy the D-Man content. Moreover there are some Twitter accounts that are extraordinary D-man evangelists:

https://twitter.com/DlangGuy (DLang comic strips)
https://twitter.com/d_man_bot (retweets D-Man content)

As mentioned I don't speak Japanese, so I would be quite interested if someone from this movement could explain the history or give a better summary.

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