On 6/24/16 12:02 PM, Leandro Lucarella wrote:
Hello Dland. I just wanted to let you know we just released the first
D-related projects as open source.

Makd is a a GNU Make library/framework to build D projects (I know there
is a lot of hate towards Make, so I'm not sure if this is good or bad
news for the community :-P).


Also, even when it can be used to build D2, it defaults to use the
`dmd1` compiler, but it can be easily change by just overriding a
variable (see https://github.com/sociomantic-tsunami/makd#d2-support for

The d1to2fix tool is a (D2) tool to do the final steps to convert D1
code to D2. It is based on libdparse and dfix and it's been a key part
of our transition. Although for the rest of the community it might just
a curiosity.


These are all dependencies to release our Ocean library, which we still
aim to release late next week, hopefully fulfilling our promise to make
it in June :)

Thanks, and comments are welcome!

This is awesome stuff, thank you very much! -- Andrei

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