On Friday, 1 July 2016 at 23:37:59 UTC, Leandro Lucarella wrote:
On Thursday, 30 June 2016 at 21:35:37 UTC, Benjamin Schaaf wrote:
Alongside I've also written (an admittedly hacky) sphinx (http://www.sphinx-doc.org/en/stable/) extension that provides a domain and autodocumenter for D, using libdparse and pyd.

Where can I get the Sphinx extension? :-D


It has a sphinx language domain for D and an autodocumenter.
I've written a python extension using pyd and libdparse to parse D source into a consumable json format. I then use that output to autodocument the code. Its a bit of a hack, but I find having proper control of the output and being able to use sphinx themes is worth it compared to the alternative.

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