After merging code from Robert's fork I added some support for property-based testing. There's no shrinking yet and user-defined types aren't supported. Right now most if not all primitive types are, as well as string, wstring, dstring and arrays of any of them. Here's a simple example that is hopefully self-explanatory:

@("sorting int[] twice yields the same result")
unittest {
    import std.algorithm: sort;
    check!((int[] a) {
        auto b = a.dup;
        return a == b;

Essentially, call `check` with a property function and it will get run (by default) 100 times with random inputs. Multiple parameters are supported, but the function must return bool.

I wrote this today to test cerealed, my serialization library:

@Types!(bool, byte, ubyte, short, ushort, int, uint, long, ulong,
        float, double,
        char, wchar, dchar,
        ubyte[], ushort[], int[])
void testEncodeDecodeProperty(T)() {
    check!((T val) {
        auto enc = Cerealiser();
        enc ~= val;
        auto dec = Decerealiser(enc.bytes);
        return dec.value!T == val;

That's running 100 auto-generated tests for each of those 17 types, checking that if you serialize and then deserialize you should get the same value back. Not bad for 12 lines of code, huh?



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