On 07/08/2016 12:04 PM, Andrew Godfrey wrote:
1) A link to that action list, placing it in context relative to this
doc, and encouraging people to add their ideas like "rust aliases" there
instead of here. (Or maybe you have a better place for this, like a
forum where such requests are discussed first).

I'm all for a community-maintained wishlist linked from the vision document. Please initiate one.

2) A link to a longer-term vision doc. The question I posted recently in
"general", about the evolution of the language, is the kind of thing I
would want to see answered there. Another kind of thing is anything
"long term strategic" that isn't a priority right now - e.g. pain points
for new adopters that "we can't work on yet" (e.g. "there are 3
compilers, and many practitioners end up installing at least 2 of
them"). And generally, I'd like a place that sets long term
expectations, e.g. the rate of future deprecation of existing features
in the language and in Phobos.

I'm not sure what a longer term vision document would be. For me that's by definition http://dlang.org :o). -- Andrei

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