On Friday, 8 July 2016 at 07:59:42 UTC, Dechcaudron wrote:
Hey there,

I'm sad this post hasn't called anyone's attention so far. While I am defintely interested to have BulletD become a thing, I sadly can't collaborate with it so far. It's been on my mind to give Bullet as a physics engine a try for videogame development for a good year now, and I've only been using D for the last two months. Reality is I don't have any actual experience working with Bullet itself, so I don't really see how my input in the project could be valuable.

Aside from the issues I mentioned, the only major issue left is to fill in the many "holes" in the bindings, so if you end up using BulletD at some point (assuming I can get it back off the ground), just file an issue on the GitHub page for anything that's missing. That makes it easier to focus development efforts.

Still, I believe that for D to be taken into consideration by the general programming community we defintely need to have as many libraries as possible, covering as many topics as we can. I don't know if we have any other general-purpose physics library though.

Derelict includes a binding to the Open Dynamics Engine, which is a fairly capable engine. Last time I checked, though, Bullet was somewhat better.

You have my +1 for trying, and I really hope the community notices this project.


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