On Monday, 11 July 2016 at 16:30:44 UTC, Ilya Yaroshenko wrote:
ARM contributors are wanted!

What exactly do you need for ARM architecture?
I have an ARM target and I have tried to run a library[1] to get some CPU info.

I hacked in the source files to just build and link the CPU info code. I used an arm-gcc toolchain (I don't know how to cross-compile using ldc... yet). And it's built on a native Linux OS.

And it seems to work.
Here's the output I have after running the code:

Most of it is C code. There is some ARM assembly code, some of which is inlined, and some is in a ".S" file to test specific instructions.

Is it what you're looking for?

[1] It's called "Yeppp", and looks like what you want to do with MIR: http://www.yeppp.info/
Have you come across it?

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