On Wednesday, 10 August 2016 at 18:35:03 UTC, Sebastiaan Koppe wrote:
Yes, but from past experience we know that people don't look at results, if you don't make it part of PR acceptance.

So true. Then I will do PR's first.

Thinking about it, you could also opt for integrating it with the dmd PR flow - in a similar manner to the autotester or coverage bot: Select a subset (depending on the runtime) of packages and run your dub autotester for every commit and thus save for every commit a list of passing packages. Now for a new PR, search for the master commit hash in your DB of runs and run the dub autotester with those packages. The workflow of the AutoTester [1] is a bit more complicated, because it is throwing away results as soon as the master HEAD changes (to avoid any inconsistencies) and there are often rebases and additional pushes happening, but you could just opt for a simple 80% solution. I imagine shouting at Walter with a Github comment "Hey this PR will break 10% of all packages [of the subset]" could be quite helpful ;-)

[1] https://auto-tester.puremagic.com

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