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I do not know with whom I should contact, but this release https://github.com/ljubobratovicrelja/dcv should be mention in D blog.

+1 and my 0.02$: please add the note that it is based on ndslice!

I think it would be great if you and the other people involved with using "D for science" make a series of blog posts about the great work you've all been doing with those libraries.

Yes, we will do it this month after the next Mir release, which will include first part of generic linear algebra subroutines, ndslice.algorithm draft and our GSoC project - Flex.

Thanks guys for recognizing DCV project as D blog material! If I can offer any help, please let me know - I'd be glad to contribute.

Ilya, just wanted to say I'm already trying to promote ndslice, wherever I can- note the "API" section in site's home page[1]! If you have any suggestions or requirements for content related to ndslice or mir project on DCV site, please let me know.


[1] https://ljubobratovicrelja.github.io/dcv

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