On Monday, 15 August 2016 at 04:58:06 UTC, Walter Bright wrote:
On 8/14/2016 9:56 PM, Joseph Rushton Wakeling wrote:
Does that actually work in D2?


Can you please clarify the current implementation `scope`, and what DIP1000 proposes to change with respect to the current implementation?

According to this [http://dlang.org/deprecate.html#scope%20for%20allocating%20classes%20on%20the%20stack] it was deprecated in favor of std.typecons.scoped. But your previous statement say's scoped variables is still a thing.

What exactly is being deprecated with regard to `scope`, if anything? Does the deprecated features page need an update?

Will DIP1000 render `std.typecons.scoped` obsolete? In other words, does DIP1000 deprecate the deprecation?

Is `scope` being repurposed for DIP1000, or simply expanded? In other words does DIP1000 change the current implementation of scope in any way, or just add to it?


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