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I am proud to publish a report of my GSoC work as two extensive blog posts, which explain non-uniform random sampling and the mir.random.flex package (part of Mir > 0.16-beta2):


Before I start my personal retrospect, I wanted to use this opportunity to give a huge thanks and acknowledgement to my two awesome mentors Ilya Yaroshenko (9il) and Joseph Wakeling (WebDrake).

As I wrote my first line of D code this February, I have learned quite a lot during the last few months. Github allows to list all merged contributions, which might show that I got quite familiar with dlang over the time:


… and with other D repositories:


I am pretty sure you now know me from the NG, Github, IRC, Twitter, Bugzilla, DConf16, the DWiki, #d at StackOverflow or /r/d_language, so I will skip a further introduction ;-)

Over the next weeks and months I will continue my work on mir.random, which is supposed to supersede std.random, so in case you aren’t following the Mir project [1, 2], stay tuned!

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[1] https://github.com/libmir/mir
[2] https://twitter.com/libmir

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