On 8/28/2016 3:39 AM, Dicebot wrote:
There have never been a single professional or at least constructively fashioned
post from that account and tolerating that harms D public image. I have learned
not to argue about this but I am very unhappy that you not only allow but
encourage both off-topic and flamebait derailing of _announcement_ threads.

Off-topic always happens anyway, but it's fair I should have suggested starting a new thread. But I thought the discussion of macros was reasonable. Criticism of D is ok. His abusive posts were deleted, though it's not possible to delete things from the mail interface, and sometimes it takes a while for the dforum software to sync.

It isn't really practical to ban individuals, because an account is not necessary to post. We can only delete posts. I also like to believe people are redeemable and will give anyone a second chance if they'll comport themselves appropriately.

I also try to err on the side of being permissive, though nearly all of his posts were so far over the line there was no head scratching to be done.

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