On Wednesday, 31 August 2016 at 18:06:07 UTC, Atila Neves wrote:
Are you aware of this?

I had a vague idea of one or two similar projects underway. But 90% of the code I just posted was written in early 2015. The initial delay getting it published was with the Eclipse legal process which dragged on for a few months, and just as it was done, they decided to move their development to GitHub. By that time I wasn't doing anything with D or MQTT, and the inertia died.

The idea from the beginning was do a fairly quick/simple wrapper library around the Paho C library, which would get the D version feature-complete and fully compliant in short time. Then the idea was to move on to a full D implementation for version 2.0. If there were any interest.

So this version doesn't do any of its own I/O; that's left to the C layer. Thus it doesn't require - and I'm not sure how it could be made compatible with - vibe.d

And originally I believe the Eclipse folks had wanted to keep external libraries to a minimum, but now exceptions to the rule seem to be the norm. So using vibe.d would probably be fine, assuming no license issues.

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