On 08/31/2016 02:08 AM, Martin Nowak wrote:
> On Tuesday, 30 August 2016 at 21:58:05 UTC, Basile B. wrote:
>> I'm a bit sad to see that
>> https://issues.dlang.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15371 was completely ignored
>> to fix issue 15907. Another decision could have been to break the
>> visibility for the traits allMember, getMember, derivedMember and
>> getOverloads.
> Well there was reasoning to choose that solution instead of the other
> (https://github.com/dlang/dmd/pull/6078) and the fact that private
> members aren't accessible (set/get) is a good indication that nobody
> needs this.
> Adding an unsafe facility to access private members is a separate
> problem, but please see the changelog for how to achieve this already by
> mixing in templates.

I think such change is not appropriate in a point release, not matter if
it is going to happen or not.

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